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Wearing a safety vest when you have to be a pedestrian

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According to traffic accidents statistics, one pedestrian related death occurs every two hours on average, especially on highways or roadways. This data shocked the broad masses of the people. How to be safe when you have to be a pedestrian on roadways? A reflective vest becomes necessary.

It's a scenario that occurs often. Your car breaks down on a busy stretch of the highway but the nearest source of help is half a mile away. Then you have to navigate down the side of the road with cars whipping by speeds of up to 70 or 80 miles per hour. Wearing some type of reflective safety vest or clothing or something which people can see you clearly especially when the light becomes low visibility becomes necessary. As this kind function vest will help increase the high visibility and give a warning signal to the passing by drivers. In this way, drivers can see the pedestrian clearly even in bad weather.

As you can see, more and more countries have already issued laws to require the pedestrian to wear this kind safety equipment. Take for examples, Russia government have already asked the pedestrian to wear reflective armband when walking on the roadside. And Chile government have already asked the car owners must equipment a safety vest with reflective tape in case of when the car break down and driver has to be walk on the roadways. All these measures are for our safety. Let's do it.

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