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Water-repellent Reflective heat transfer film

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In late December 2016, technical engineer from new products development department in Chinastars factory from Yuhang district come to our sales office (which located in Hangzhou city. New CBD) to introduce new reflective heat transfer film we have.

Chinastars never stop develop new products, according to the requirement of the market and different requirements from the clients, reflective heat transfer film is special products, backing fabric and the way for operation (like pressure, dwell time and temperature ) will effect it fix the fabric or not. In this case, we will ask clients to send backing fabric to our factory for washing test before confirmed the order.

In the meeting, the guys introduce:

Water-repellent heat transfer film, which can be used on waterproof treated fabric on surface of safety vest, the one we have in past, could not be transported under high temperature (like summer time), because backing glue on the reflective film will be changed in high temperature, especially for overseas shipment, with high temperature in the cargo and long time overseas, the film will damaged during transportation. In this case, we have to suggest client do not order water-repellent heat transfer film in summer time.

New developing sample we have, resolved the problem for transportation, with below instructions: temperature: 120-160 degrees, dwell time: 10-15s with pressure 2-5kgs, washing test result (25 cycles washing @40 degrees) seems good from our test lab, if you need any reflective fabric sample for test in your side, we will be glad to send sample for checking.

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