Use reflective clothing to protect sanitation worker

[ Click:3434 ]    [ by Wendy, CHINASTARS  Mar 19, 2016 ]

In order to improve the safety of sanitation workers, reduce the danger when working on the road. Traffic police brigade organization jurisdiction sanitation workers in front of the DMV service hall to carry out the road traffic safety education activities and for cleaning the car stick reflective film.

Sanitation workers in the process of cleaning the road, facing the comings of vehicles should pay more attention to safety problem. The road traffic safety education activities, mainly is to tell the importance of sanitation workers wear reflective clothing, especially under the severe weather should wear reflective clothing.

The developments of road traffic safety education activity also organize sanitation workers together for street trash reflectors (article, in order to avoid the situation of the insufficient light down in the evening to vehicles and pedestrians hit. Called on the people in the society here is also want to pay attention to safety, drive the vehicle saw a reflective vest of sanitation workers also want to give way in a timely manner, so as to avoid traffic accidents. So that can better protect and prolong the use of public facilities.

reflective vest




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