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Umbrella with reflective edge

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In end of December.2015, based on reflective tape to be used on ppe (personal protective equipment) like high visibility safety clothing, vest, rainwear, bomber jacket and reflective coverall, in order to get much more opportunity in China local market, development and design department in Chinastars put the research on all kinds of fabric with reflective printing on, like nylon taffeta for umbrella, safety raincoat for children , pique fabric for T-shirt and waterproof fabric for technical jackets, and after putting into the market, it was popularized in the market.

 The new product we have now is reflective umbrella with reflective binding on the edge, as the picture shows. If you take the umbrella with reflective piping in night with heavy rain, it can be easily to be seen in dark area with flash; in this case, it can keep you far away from dangerous. We have sell hundreds of umbrella in one day, on our online shop, it seems go crazy, but it does help to your daily life.

In order to make the umbrella much more strong and good quality, the design department had compared lots of umbrella stand to make sure it is strong enough to hold strong wind, we think in the coming days, umbrella with reflective piping will take over the market for its reflective function.

reflective umbrella

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