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Traffic Safety of Deliveryman Needs Reflective Protection

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The courier industry grows rapidly as the development of the cyber-economy. But since this is an immature emerging industry, many regulations have not yet been made. Deliveryman’s personal safety under the working process is not guaranteed, resulting in a lot of traffic accidents occur.

In recent years, the courier accident on the road can be seen everywhere. People want to be able to get and use their own goods as soon as possible, requesting the speed while ignoring the courier’s traffic security on the road. Most of the courier's working time is on the road, just like traffic police. So they should also be required to wear some reflective vests having warning function in order to protect themselves during working time.

Reflective material has been used in the traffic police’s garments for a long time due to its extraordinary reflective function. So it is advised to be used in the deliveryman’s apparel, too. Even only just several reflective tapes or reflective heat transfer vinyl can help a lot.

Over a decade of efforts, Chinastars Reflective has now becomes the largest and most professional manufacturer and supplier of reflective material and safety clothing in China. We are engaged in providing the global customers with professional, stable-quality and fashionable reflective products. If you want to make sure your stuffs’ security in their job, welcome to contact us.

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