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Trade show in China

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  Half years passed for 2016, in the past 6 months, capability of reflective material growth every month; it seems demand from the market is over the output, so all the production line is busy all the time, plant glass bead- coating finished, cutting into different width and packing into the cartons. With the development of regular reflective material used on PPE( personal protective equipment), Chinastars also development lots of outdoors reflective material and reflective umbrella, reflective poncho to different areas, which take a good sale in china domestic market.

  In past June. Chinastars attend lots of trading fair in China. Like international fabric show in Qingdao from 2016.06.30-2016.07.02 at the same time. Chianstars attend the show in Nanjing named “ 2016 Asia outdoor trade show”, and in July, chinastars attend “ISPO SHANGHAI” which located in shanghai from july.07-09.  All the trading shows, we will take regular reflective material, like sewn on reflective tape and reflective heat transfer film to be heat applied on different kind of backing fabric and also some new products, like soft reflective material which to be used on outshell fabric and printed reflective fabric, and also high visibility safety vest. Most of the visitors take great interesting in the products listed on the booth, and take catalogue and name card for further reference.

After trading show finished, business started. So each kind of trading show will be a good way to let the clients and let the world know the company and also your products. 

chinastar reflective material in trade fair

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