The traffic police replaced the reflective vest

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Recently, the Yunnan traffic police used the new duty reflective uniforms replaced the old uniforms, the color and design of new reflective vest is very conspicuous and handsome.

The new reflective vest made with black mesh fabric and high visible reflective tape, the new safety vest will gradually replace the old reflective uniforms. The new reflective vest is more visible than old vest; it can make police be seen from farther place, can maximum extent to ensure the safety of traffic police on duty. The grid design vest with a cool and refreshing is more suitable for hot summer days. In addition, it reduces the burden summer dress of the traffic police.

Compared with the old uniform, the original reflective area of new reflective vest is increased, which makes the visual distance can reach 500m during the day and up to 300 meters at night. It can provide higher safety coefficient at the time of night patrol, and it also can be identified easily by citizens and the owner.

The new safety vest has good practical effect, makes police more spirit, and also improves the road traffic police law enforcement image.

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