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The reflective material is a night runner escort

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In recent years, more and more people join night running, night runs after the job is busy, cannot only exercise the body, also release the pressure, but the resulting security hidden danger also plagued many nights running enthusiasts.

Therefore, the night runners introduce reflective materials, which can reflect the light under the light of the light, which makes the passing vehicles and pedestrians identify the night runners easily, thus enhancing their own security.

In general, night runners use reflective tape, reflective material with high visibility, which is usually a wristband or a reflector that can strap to your body and legs.

The anti-light band can be reflected light from 300 to 1000 meters, making the night runners visible in the distance, which can be easily detected, provide protection, and improve night running safety.

Other night runners use other reflective materials to customize reflective patterns or add reflective cloth to their clothes.

reflective material

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