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The Spring Festival security work begin in Guangzhou

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In Yuexiu District of Guangzhou has entered a state of Spring Festival transportation, ready-related work ahead of time, our encountered during the spring Festival. To purify the train station and the surrounding environment, to ensure safety for the Spring Festival, the beginning of this month, more targeted departments to make crack, crack down on the device to the train station, the streets of foot traffic are full of traffic police and volunteers in safety vest, strive to maintain the 'traffic order.
So far, has been carried out three times, in 126, to investigate and punish illegal business of 25. According to the introduction, during the Spring Festival will invest in Yuexiu district of the security forces, 1,736 people, strengthen the Party Spring in the district recently yuexiu pick up tickets at the security work. Yuexiu District has also prepared more than 30,000 safety raincoat and a small amount of reflective raincoat, in case of rain sent to passengers free. During the Spring Festival, every day should have more than a hundred volunteers to wear clothing with reflective tape. At the same time, the department of urban management will be also on the mobile toilets at the railway station square, it sent more than a hundred cleaning room cleaning circuit uninterrupted, and strengthen the team disinfection epidemic prevention station surrounding areas.

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