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The Fashion products made with reflective material

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At present, the most common reflective vest on the street is the uniform of police and sanitation workers. Reflective features of the clothes for the staff bring more security, but also the representative of their job nature. With the diversification of clothing after the emergence of choice, the reflective material has gradually been applied to the design of daily clothing.

Many brands select reflective material to made Jackets, windbreaker and other clothes for sport, not only it is easy to clean, convenient and fashion, but also security. These types of clothes keep people bright and safer in the darkness. In China, this kind of clothes which made of reflective fabric has become the first choice for runners when the winter is coming.

Chinastars is one of the most professional manufactures of reflective clothes and reflective material. In recent years, we pay more attention to the development of reflective fabrics overseas, and focus on the research of outdoor reflective fabric production. For the reflective fabrics of fashion clothes, luggage and shoes, Chinastars also has its own unique understanding. About reflective fabric for dresses, there are 16 alternative styles to choose, the customized design is also welcomed in order to meet customers’ need. Considering stylish and safe, most of customers will choose to use colorful reflective fabric to design bags. The shoes which made of stretchable reflective tape, reflective leather and reflective piping, as an embellishment on the upper, to become a unique landscape in the night.

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