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Summer Road Safety for outdoor activity

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We are all taught road safety many times because we spend in the proximity to vehicles which can make us complacent to the dangers we face in daily life. The dark winter evenings are a reminder to many to take extra care and so it is for runners, dog walkers, cyclists and motorcyclist who take precautions like hi-vis jacket or reflective tape over the months to make sure they are visible to vehicles thus reducing the chances of accidents occurring.

With the lighter evenings and warmer, brighter days of summer, many are being lulled into a false sense of security. While statistics tell us that accidents are reduced over these months, the decline is only some 35%. The remaining high accident level can be attributed to two factors; the false sense of security mentioned above and unforeseeable changing of weather conditions. And that’s why we need safety clothing in summer.

In a statement today, we suggest our light and breathable reflective vest for outdoor activities that keep people safe when doing outside sports during the summer months; runners, walkers, cyclists, and motorcyclists to be aware, and continue to take the same precautions that they would during the darker winter months.


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