Stay visible on dark


 With the end of daylight, it’s important to raise your visibility during low-light hours as the sun sets or rises, a safety vest or reflective tape can help you.

   It’s time to add a little flash to your outdoor workout; being sure you can see and be seen in the dark.

   Adding some hard-to-miss elements to your clothes or gear can enhance visibility and it’s easy to slipping on a safety vest, sticking reflective tape to your bicycle forks and rims or wearing vivid yellow or yellow-green clothing, colors proven to be noticeable in many environments.

   Sew-on reflective tape offers another solution. A bit of reflective trim on your cuffs or shoes identifies you as a runner. Lighted reflective wheels or pedals allow drivers to know you’re a cyclist. We just skip wearing deep color clothing; it’s nearly invisible at dusk and in darkness.

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