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Stay Safe This Summer With High Visibility Apparel

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  When the temperatures rise during the summer, folks from all across the country hit the road for weekends at the beach, camp outs, and vacation. For construction workers, parking lot attendants, and road workers, it’s vital to wear the right types of safety apparel with reflective tape to standout and stay safe.

  High visibility apparel a help you be quickly seen by passing drivers. Reflective vests or shirts are typically your first defense against a potential accident. Many companies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Federal Highway Administration, abide by specific standards and require all workers to wear such apparel when working on roadways.

  There are many weather conditions that can increase the chances of an accident, such as summer downpours, fog, and strong winds. For personnel working at night, reflective and brightly colored reflective vest and shirts are especially important. Statistics show that your chances of getting struck by a car at night versus the day are drastically increased, especially in active work zones without lane closures.

  This summer, stay safe and sound by donning the appropriate safety vests and shirts provided by your company. There will be a lot of activity on the roadway and it is critical to be seen by summer vacation drivers, especially in bad weather conditions or at night.

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