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School uniforms should be added reflective safety label

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In Primary and secondary schools, students are in the stage of body growth and development, and the amount of daily activities is very large in school. Especially in the lower grades of primary school students is naughtier, and their own sense of danger and self-protection awareness is weak too. Parents will ask children to wear a safety vest when they go to school and go back home, but how about they are in school? Because in school during 90% of the time need to wear school uniforms, so if the school uniform exist security risks about design and quality, is likely to cause harm to children.


Shanxi Province make a new regulations about the cotton content, such as kindergarten school uniform, the fabrics cotton content should not be less than 60%,primary and secondary students’ uniform, the cotton content should not be less than 30%. Which parents are most concerned about is that the school uniform should be added reflective material, such as reflective tape or PVC reflective tape, using reflective properties to form a security mark, is a safety precaution, easier to identify by drivers on the road and can make early judgments.


In order to keep the traffic safety of primary and middle school students, the national standards requirements of School uniforms need to be made with reflective tape on the front and back, also the side and back sleeves, pants on both sides should be sewn the reflective tape to ensure students can be seen within 360 degrees from any angle.

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