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Safety tips for cycling in spring

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With the arrival of spring, the weather is getting warmer and everything begins to grow. The trees turn green and the flowers come out. And more and more people start to go to work by cycling. One the one hand, they can exercise, on the other hand, they can enjoy the good weather. But It is a season of frequent traffic accidents too. Because many cyclist hasn’t attached great importance to cycle safety, even haven’t equipped themselves with safety clothing. Here are some safety tips for cyclist.

  1. Checking the conditions of your bicycle. Such as whether the lights

of the bicycle are in good condition or not? If not, don’t ride it before fixing it.

  1. Obey the traffic rules. Slow down at intersections and curves.

Double-check your blind spot before switching lanes.

  1. Equip yourself with necessary equipment. A safety helmet,

a reflective safety vest, a glove and a knee pad are necessary. A reflective safety vest can help you stand out especially at night. And a helmet can protect your head from injuring if some unexpected accident happens.

Of course, you may have some good ideas such as wearing a reflective armband too. In order to make sure we all arrive at our destinations safely, let us follow the above tips.

reflective armband for cyclist


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