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Safety vests were donated to Sanitation workers

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Recently, sanitation workers were given new reflective vest. Sanitation work is a high-risk occupation because sanitation workers need to work on road all the day and sometime the light environment is not good. Reflective clothing could bring better protection to sanitation workers.

It is understood that GAOan City held a "true love, safe travel" activities. Sanitation workers were gained deep concern and received new safety clothing. The ceremony was held in the Sugimura Village in Gao'an City, and the Minister of Agriculture and Industry of Gao'an Municipal Committee attended the ceremony and helped the representatives of sanitation workers present to wear new safety vest. The event donated a total of more than 2,700 sets of reflective vests, donated to the township, streets, farms and related units after the donation ceremony.

Sanitation work is an occupation with high risk, garments with reflective tapes can provide sanitation workers with protection, but we also hope sanitation workers can improve safety awareness and safety at the same time.

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