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Safety vest for sanitation workers

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With improve for the standard of living, more and more people have their own cars, some people even have more than one car in their home. Therewith the sanitation workers also increase to keep the roads clean. And they usually wear safety vests to keep them safer when they are working on the road.

On the one hand, it’s more convenience than bus for the trip; on the other hand, it’s more dangerous on the road because there are traffic jams sometimes. And almost of the pedestrian are not wearing safety vest to keep them to be seen, especially on the curve road or on the rainy day with dimly light. And the work time for sanitation workers is in the morning before dawn or on the dimly night, the bad environment will increase the chances of accidents. So almost of the sanitation workers will wear a safety vest with reflective tape when they are working on the road. The reflective vest can keep them to be seen from a distance in the dimly environment.

The safety vest is made with reflective fabric, reflective tape and other reflective material. The reflective material can reflect the light when it to be lamplight illuminate, so it can enhance the visibility for sanitation workers and keep them safer on the dimly work environment.

  Not only for the sanitation worker, I thought we also wear reflective vest or take some reflective accessory when we are going out at night or rainy day with dimly light, it can enhance our visibility when we walk on the road. To be seen, to be safer.

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