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Safety vest demand boomed in China

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The biggest news in PPE field in China must be one news issued on 1st Jan 2018, said in China, each new car should have one safety vest in car since 01.01.2018. In this case, it seems high visibility safety vest demand boomed in China local market. Many cars looking for new safety vest in the market, no matter what the style is, what the quality it would be, they will take it. In this case, china labor cost increased more than 50% in 10 days, some of the factory want to earn much more profit from it.

It is similar news as years ago for Chile, with local laws issued, safety vest requirement boomed the country, lots of importers looking for safety reflective vest everywhere, which made the market in a chaos.

With the demand of safety vest in China, some of cars manufacturer in China, ask Chinastars developed new reflective material to be used in safety vest. In order to meet the requirement, Chinastars has one new kind of sewn on reflective tape CSR-1303-2Z , polyester backing FR treated, which can meet China local demand. It sells good until now, but this tape is not suitable for international market. If you need polyester backing FR treated reflective tape for China market required, please feel free to contact us any time.

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