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Safety clothing for volunteers and refugee

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Save the children, which has been doing extensive work assisting refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, is now expanding its efforts to assist migrant children. In Greece, Save the Children has set up emergency shelters, and volunteers wearing reflective vest distributing hygiene and baby kits. In Belgrade, the charity has set up mother-baby help centers near the main train and bus stations that serve as refugee gathering points, and plans are underway to set up an "informal" migrant day-camp including a safe space for children to play.

    You can see refugee in safety vest gather in a boat, struggle for peace life, and the war cause 30 million children are on the run worldwide, fleeing war, violence and extreme poverty. UNICEF is already working to support them. But with your help they can do more. We offer safety clothing to needed workers and refugee, if you have a chance to help those children, don’t be hesitating. Tiny supports are also support. It can prove that child refugees aren’t invisible, and that people are willing to stand up for them.

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