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Romance of Sanitation Workers Dressing Reflective vest

[ Click : 2914 ] [ By Taylor ]

    I'm deeply touched by a photo on the Internet. The characters are two sanitation workers who are wearing the safety vest on work. The woman is playing on the swing, the man is pushing the swing for her. In the meanwhile, he is scraping the advertisement paper on telegraph poles.

    The photographer Wei Xiaoquan said, he was moving by this image when he passed by. The orange safety clothing was especially eye-touching. After asking for their agreement, he took a record of this beautiful moment. Although it was around 12 o'clock which should be their rest time, they were still doing the cleaning.

    The most romantic thing I can imagine is to grow older with you. Though it's hard to be sanitation workers, they never complain their life. Everyone has the right to pursue happiness and romantic, so does the sanitation workers in reflective vest.

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