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Road workers use safety vests for warning sign

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In Chongqing province, near Shimen Bridge, the local police found a tall red obstacle stands in the middle of the road, as if there are two adults crouched behind an obstacle on the road. This Road is the main road of the city, plenty of cars driving by in a speed fast here. Placing obstacles in the middle of the road and stay on the road is very dangerous, so the police decided to came to view.

When approaching the obstacle police found that the so-called "red obstacle" is two safety vests hanging on a bicycle, which is placed in the middle of the road. 10 meters behind the bike position, two workers squatting on the ground, they holding hammer and drill, dedicated to head down the road in repair damaged. There are no warning signs or reflective tape around them.

Police rushed to the command vehicle deceleration through, and from the construction of this investigation.

It turned out those two workers from the road maintenance company Longxing which responsible to repair damaged pavement individual. The company arranges them to do a bike transport, so they only brought a few simple tools on the bike.

Furthermore, they both have no conical barrel, and had no warning signs. In order to get the drivers attention they chose parking the bike in the middle of the road and hang the reflective vest for warning. Police asked these workers to stop the construction and complete safety protection, for ensure the safety of themselves and others

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