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Road closure for exercisers convenience

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Traffic police in Qingdao, Shandong, have closed a local road every night to give runners a place to exercise safely. The night is dangerous even runners wear the clothing with reflective tape.

The 150-meter, four-lane road connects to a square that serves as a major recreational spot in the neighborhood. Traffic is forbidden from 6:30 pm to 9 pm daily in this road.

"This action shows respect for human lives. The number of jogging groups continues to increase, and conflicts between jogging groups and vehicles have been frequent," said by freelance writer Li Yiping. "The Qingdao traffic police's move is praiseworthy. It's always good to do something to prevent traffic accidents."

Under the national traffic law, cities can alter vehicle flow only under limited circumstances, including such things as road congestion, mass public activities and big construction projects. The law requires local authorities to notify the public about the measures in advance.

Even though the law and the police can protect runners, they should learn some tips to protect themselves, such as wearing the reflective vest or other cloths with reflective material, to avoid accidents.

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