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Reflective vests ensure staff security

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  In order to further strengthen the safety management of the labor, and guard against the problem of vehicle injury, a thermal power industry handed out reflective vest to running inspection, transportation, maintenance of electronic department staff. The reflective tape in this reflective vest is wider and longer than the original one, it can effectively prevent the workers in the factory working on the road when the accident occurred.

  According to statistics, since 2015, the company began to send reflective vests  more than 400 to those who work at night and transport drivers. In nearly a year of work, the reflective vests spread widely for the staffs who work at night; it provides a strong guarantee for the safety of production.

  At the end of October 2016, in order to further ensure the security of staff who works at night for factory patrolling, the company are buy 1500 reflective vests use to guard against employee vehicle injury.

  At the same time, in order to make the reflective vests effectively play a important role at night or in bad weather, all the staff need to wear reflective safety vests every day in the night to work until the end, and each workshop must be prepared to do a good propaganda to protect the personal safety of the staff to make every employee wearing it consciously.

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