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Reflective vest protect pet from danger

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  We will find a lot of people are eager to keep a pet, whatever men or women, the old or the young, everyone seems to have done the same thing. But we also found that pets of the traffic accident are also more and more. So reflective vest is one thing can protect them from danger.

  Reported that around the car, people walking the dog when across the road or on the exit of the garden need pay extra attention. Due to vehicles, lightness and darkness, animals generally have not a strong safety consciousness when on road, and the driver is hard to see them in a far and small figure, so dogs are frequently to meet traffic accident for a walk in the evening. If we wear a safety vest for pet dog or add some highlight reflective tapes or sewing reflective fabric on the pet dog clothes. Reflective products include reflective material with high refractive index glass beads regression reflection principle and micro diamond reflection principle of lattice, focusing the post-processing is made of advanced technology. It can direct the light reflected back to shine from afar, especially at night, can play high visibility as well as in the daytime.

  The reflective vest of pet is made of high visibility reflective material. No matter how far the pet is from the driver, or in a light or scattering light interference, can be more easily to find by drivers at night.

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