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Reflective vest must be necessary equipment for cyclist

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Nowadays, an increasing number of people start to ride a bicycle to exercise. This kind exercise is environmental and low carbon. What’s more, it doesn’t have many requirements for the sports arena. Therefore a complete set of cycling equipment, including safety helmets, safety vest, safety glove, safety boots etc., is necessary.

In fact, more and more bicycle stores have already sold this safety equipment. So you don’t need buy these from several stores and you can buy all the equipments from one store. It is very convenient also save you much time and money. But some people may doubt that why we need a high visibility vest? Is it really necessary? The answer is YES, because this kind of vest can make you easy to spot especially at night so that the drivers can find you in time and avoid accidents. That is why traffic police, sanitation worker, law enforcement officer etc wearing the safety clothing when they are on the duty.

So when riding a bicycle, we should remember two things: first, we must obey the traffic rules, second, check the equipments, don’t forget to take a vest with reflective tape.

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