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Reflective vest makes students more secure

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This year, more than 600 school students received a small yellow cap from the Public Security Bureau police, and they also issued each student wear a reflective vest, it is more secure when students go to school and back to home with safety clothing. The child's own sense of security is particularly important; parents set a good example also very important.

There are also many companies and people caring for students and send them reflective vest, reflective jacket and other reflective products, it makes our children go out happily, safely go back home, Now reflective materials have been widely used in our life, it is easy to purchase reflective fabric, reflective tape. Parents can do it by themselves for children sewn reflective material on the clothes and shoes.

According to the Public Security Bureau introduce they funding two kindergartens and 11 primary schools, more than 1100 children prepared a reflective vest, after the kids put it, can make car drivers in the far distance clearly see .We also hope every driver can slow down, to create a good environment for the children to travel.

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