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Reflective vest is necessary for Sanitation workers

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In order to improve the road safety and the self-protection awareness of sanitation workers, reduce security risks when they cleaning road. Traffic police brigade organizing community sanitation workers to carry out road safety education activities, and paste reflective heat transfer film for sweeping vehicles.

Sanitation workers clean the road with facing the vehicles coming and going, it is very dangerous. Road safety education activities is to tell sanitation workers the importance of wearing reflective clothing, especially at night or bad weather, the reflective clothing and safety vest will enhance the visibility and keep them safer on the road. Sanitation workers should enhance their self-protection awareness, and avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents.

This road safety education activities also organized sanitation workers together to affixed the reflective tape on the streets trash can, lest vehicular and pedestrian to collide in darkness. Here also appealed to members of the public should be careful when driving on the road. Driving the car carefully and the sanitation workers with reflective vest will be visible and have timely avoided preventing traffic accidents.

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