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Reflective tape on school bag more secure

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It is reported that, in order to ensure the children's safe travel when go and left the school, Weinan City Children's Public Welfare Association launched a "poor children left behind safety" public welfare projects and more than 10000pcs reflective backpacks has been given to the school children.

There are several sewn on reflective tapes on the front, back and side of these reflective backpacks. These reflective tapes used to alert the driver to give way to pedestrians and achieve the purpose of protecting the school children. What's more on the center back of the school bag, there is a reflective heat transfer logo named "STOP ". As we all know, drivers' vision will be blurred when the weather is not very good, such as rainy day or snowy day or heavy fog weather etc and traffic accidents happen frequently in this kind weather. But with these reflective materials, children can increase the high visibility much more. Therefore, it can give the warning signal to the drivers in time and remind them to focus on the surroundings.

In additions, some elder children may come to school by bicycles when weather is good! But it is better to stick some adhesive reflective tape around the bicycle. Been seen been safer!

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