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Reflective tape EN ISO 20471 Certification

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Good news to all of our clients, except EN ISO 20471 we have for high visibility safety clothing (rainwear and pants, normal 2 horizontal safety vest and EN 1150 non-professional safety vest ) with EN ISO 20471 certificate for CSR-1303-FR,CS-4003 reflective film we get in 2016.

Now after sending samples around 5 months, we will get new certificate for below item:

CSR-1303-2, polyester backing reflective tape, grey color

CSR-1303-5, polyester backing reflective tape, silver color

CSR-1303-4, TC backing reflective tape, grey color

CSR-1303-8(n), much more durable washing for spandex or stretch reflective tape

And also CS-4003E for elastic heat transfer film tape

If you need new certificate, please ask our sales to send it to your reference.

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