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Reflective school uniforms make students safer

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Child's safety is the most concern problem of the whole society.

Now reflective materials have been widely used in our life, it is easy to purchase reflective fabric, reflective tape.

Recently, the students from Sichuan Leshan senior high school received four sets of new school uniforms, these new uniforms are different with the original school uniforms, and they are made by reflective materials.

School officials said they are considering students go to school early in winter, and night classes finished too late at night. So they decided to issue reflective school uniforms to students.

when a light irradiate the reflective school uniforms, the reflected light can cause the driver's attention, slow down in advance, avoidance measures, serve as a warning role in ensuring students' safety on the road.

It is understood that, in June 2015 release of GB / T 31888-2015 "primary and secondary school uniforms," national standards mentioned, in order to ensure the safety of students, it is recommended to use school uniforms sewn with reflective tape. Reflective tape has strong retro-reflective performance. In addition, reflective fabric should use big brand manufacturers of products, so as to ensure that national standards of environmental protection.  

Parents also can sew reflective material on the school bags and shoes for children. To ensure children's safety and health, we also hope every driver can slow down, to create a good environment for the students to travel.

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