Reflective safety vest in Chile

[ Click:2740 ]    [ by cindy, CHINASTARS  Jan 8, 2016 ]

Recently, at the San Diego Chinese businessmen Wholesale trade market, a new law about transportation breaks the dismal business after Christmas. Reflective safety vests become the hottest topic in the wholesale area. Emergency for sourcing.

   On January 1th, 2016, new traffic regulations in Chile began the trial; all vehicles driver must be equipped with a safety vest, a kind of vest with reflective tapes on it. After the formal implementation of regulations, Vehicle not equipped with reflective vests, will be fined 0.2 to 0.5 UTM.(one UTM ≈ $44.955 pesos).After the information released, some overseas Chinese import traders rapid response, to seize the opportunities of the new policy, import the reflective vest by air from China to Chile, and then wholesale to secondary and tertiary wholesalers, retailers and hawkers. Quantity is very limited each time, therefore, the formation of a supply shortage, reflective vests rapid price surge. According to Chile's National Statistics Institute (INE) statistics, a total of 4,168,980 vehicles in Chile in 2014, overseas importers are gradually arriving every day.

safety vest


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