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Reflective raincoat for traffic police

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 March in Hangzhou, Feel not warm, but endless drizzle. In the morning, when you go out, you will find traffic policemen wearing a new kind of rain uniform, their raincoat used to be navy color, and now they change it with a reflective safety raincoat, which is more visible than before.

     The old police raincoat color is deep blue, and only a few reflective tape on the clothes, after long-term use will fall off if in this weather a storm, the driver because the line of sight is not clear and easy to overlook the intersection traffic police, resulting in the accident. But this new type of reflective raincoat with high quality waterproof fabrics,Has the waterproof, anti-fouling, moisture permeability,Gently shake can, drop water leakage. Large area of the arm, chest, etc with the reflective tape, 300 meters, 360 degrees in safety, his chest with a badge and police warning. The safety of the traffic police protection also up to a certain role.

     Pay close attention to the safety of the traffic police is to ensure the safety of our own, let more reflective raincoats, make safe to travel with you.

reflective raincoat

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