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Reflective materials will be essential for outdoor use

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Outdoor activities are full of novelty and excitement. At the same time, outdoor work is always passing the danger. Therefore, outdoor safety has become an important subject that people pay attention to outdoor activities.

With the progress of social concepts, people pay more and more attention to the adoption of reflective products with significant warning effects such as reflective clothing in outdoor activities. As an essential material for reflective clothing and other reflective products, the reflective material gradually plays a bigger role. It has become a good defender of people's outdoor safety and become an important field for reflective materials manufacturers to compete in the market share.

We first saw reflective materials which on high visibility warning clothes and especially used for occupational safety protection. Now, we find that the reflective material is used to make decorative reflective products, mainly for ordinary clothes, shoes, hats, and bags. At night, the reflective material can reflect the light back to the original road, enhance product visibility, and cause visual attention.

Reflective materials are sewed on the high visibility warning suit with the strip shape, at night with its remarkable reflection effect to play a safety warning role. High visibility warning suits are widely used for all kinds of outdoor workers and can play a good warning role at night. In our country, there are many different kinds of outdoor workers, according to current statistics, in 2018 China's fire control team staff of about 400000 people, the police force of about 1.7 million people, the armed police force of about 1 million people, environmental protection workers about 210000 people, nearly 3 million mine workers, and a large number of road construction, road maintenance, oil workers, offshore, aviation ground, mining exploration, and other outdoor workers, these are professional practitioners need to be configured for at least two sets of high visibility warning clothing.

So there's still a huge demand for high visibility warning suits.

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