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Reflective materials in school

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Recently, the isolated pier around Taizhou University library has changed a lot, the original gray stone has become SpongeBob, and American soldiers even some hand-drawn comics through the creative graffiti. These isolated piers look very cute during the day, it makes the university campus more beautiful and chic, and at night it can be reflective, give pedestrian some safety tips.

"The school security department takes into account the traffic safety at night that the isolated pier must be provided with the reflective materials. Before the reflective material is directly used to paste, convenient and simple. How to make the isolated pier be more beautiful and safer? The students also made a lot of effort.

At the beginning, the students try to paste the reflective tapes on the basis of the completion of the painting, but in this way, the reflective tape will become difficult to identify. Later, they bought several kinds of reflective materials, after a number of practices, finally found the most suitable reflective powder. First, paint according to the cartoon image , and then, when it is dry, use the reflective powder material mixed with the paint, brush the painting again, finally it be accomplished.

The school supports the creative activities of students; this idea is not only left the scenery for the school, but also makes the students' college life more wonderful.

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