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Reflective materials for outdoor field

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Speaking of reflective material, most people are familiar with, as the outdoor staff usually wear clothes with reflective material. It can make the light along the route in reverse back, received a significant signal, making the light source for outdoor workers, late night homework personnel's life more secure.

Chinastars as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of reflective materials, having been in this industry for over 15 years. Our reflective materials cannot only be used for work wear but also are widely used for outdoor or leisure or fashionable clothing or other items such as the backpack or umbrella etc. For examples, some outdoor designers need reflective piping for their clothing and backpacks; some also want their company’s logos on their products, that is why the heat transfer reflective logos are highly welcomed.

Now more and more customers want their casual wear to be fashioned and safety. Chinastars also develop much new reflective fabric which aims for the outdoor field. Kindly please contact our sales team to get more information, thank you.

reflective material for clothing

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