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Traffic Police Wearing Reflective Vest Show Up in the Car Accident

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A train in southern Finland collided with a military vehicle on the 26th morning, killing at least four people and injuring. According to local media reports, the accident occurred in the Finnish capital Helsinki about 100 km west of the coastal town of Lasserberg. The accident train is a commuter train; the military car is used to transport soldier’s off-road vehicles. At the time of the incident, the train was passing through a railway junction.

Later, the emergency rescuers wearing uniform with reflective tape came to the scene to investigate the causes and processes of the accident. In fact, not only the traffic police need to wear the reflective cloth. Chinastars also remind the drivers that you can stick some reflective materials on your car to make your car more visible to avoid the accident.

We are the largest manufacturer of reflective material and safety vest in China. Our offered tapes are appreciated for high reflectivity, better seal-ability, heat and moisture resistance flame retardant. Our products are certified by accredited, independent third-party laboratories to ensure that our products meet the specified performance criteria imposed by the international standards.

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