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Reflective fabric on fashion design

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Reflective fabric or reflective tape, were originally used for PPE only (personal protection equipment), such as reflective vest, jacket, overall etc. for construction workers, Police or sanitation workers.

Reflective fabric is made of aluminum coated glass beads. It will reflect light at nighttime when illuminated with car headlight, and enable the driver to see the reflective fabric user 300 meters away, thus preventing the potential car accident.

In recent years, as we can see on fashion shows, reflective fabric is more and more widely used on fashionable clothing, bags, as well as shoes.

Below are some of the applications for your reference:

1. Reflective fabric for sports clothing

Our soft reflective fabric is very suitable for making whole reflective clothing. The base fabric can be customized according to customers’ requirements; currently we have 380T nylon, taffeta, 190T polyester backing.

The second clothing is using our newly developed reflective pattern fabric. We now have 16 patterns available for you to choose. You can also send us your own pattern or design for customizing.


2. Reflective fabric for satchel or bag

Our reflective fabric and patterned reflective fabric can be used for all kinds of reflective satchels. Many customers also use our colored reflective fabric for bag design, which combines fashion as well as safety. For more reflective bag photos, pls contact our salesman, they’ll send you more photos for reference.


3. Reflective shoes

Stretchable reflective tape, reflective leather, and reflective piping can be used on fashion shoes as a new design. At the same time, it can enhance users’ nighttime safety.

Chinastars have been engaged in reflective fabric manufacturing and export for over a decade. In recent years, we have been following the overseas reflective fabric fashion tightly, and focusing on outdoor reflective fabric R&D and manufacturing. For more fashionable application of reflective fabric, pls kindly consult our professional salesman. Welcome to send email to or add us on skype Chinastars-Reflective.


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