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Reflective fabric for outdoor

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    Nowadays, reflective material is no longer used only as auxiliary material. More and more outdoor sports brands like Nike, New Balance, and Adidas etc. are using reflective fabric as main fabric. We Chinastars develop many kinds of reflective fabric for outdoor and have applied for patent. Below are our hot sales fabrics:

1. Perforated reflective fabric 

2. Silk Ultra Soft Nylon Reflective Fabric

2. High visibility customizable colored reflective tape

4. Super thin reflective spandex fabric 

5. Reflective fabric with cross pattern 

6. Reflective fabric with branch pattern 

7. Reflective printing fabric with curve pattern

8. Reflective circle pattern printing fabric

9. Reflective printing fabric-anchor pattern

10. Reflective printing fabric in dumbbell pattern

11. Reflective printing fabric-dot pattern

12. Reflective printing fabric-paw pattern

13. Reflective printing fabric with honeycomb pattern

14. Reflective printing fabric with silver dot pattern

15. Dot pattern reflective fabric for outdoor clothing

16. Reflective printing fabric with dot line pattern

17. Reflective printing fabric with heart shape pattern

    Not only for above reflective fabric, any questions about reflective vest or reflective tape, please do not hesitate to contact our sales.

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