Reflective element makes your life more brilliant

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In the past years, there is a misunderstanding that reflective tape can be only applied in personal protective clothing as a sort of accessory. However with the technical improvement, many designers realized that the reflective fabric can lead a new fashion storm.


Some garment factories start to make the clothing by using reflective fabric as shell fabric. The whole clothing will be reflective because it made with reflective material. We CNSS have reflective tape in not only normal gray color, but also in multi-colors. It will increase more inspiration for you to create the design.


There is another easier way that you can add reflective element on your existing clothing. It is that you can use our reflective heat transfer film logo which can be heat applied on most of the fabrics. You are able to do it even at home. We can also customize the logo based on your design. So just let us know if you get any great idea. We will help you to make it.

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