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Reflective design: Make Your Umbrellas Visible and Fashionable

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According to the survey, the car accidents happening in rainy days is 5 times than in sunny days, which causes lots of loss and casualties. The reason why does this phenomenon arise has many factors. One of the reasons is because the eyesight of the driver is falling down due to the heavy rain. When you are not wearing the safety vest, drivers can’t see you clearly when you walk on road; it will make you be dangerous. When you can be viewed by the driver, it is too late to let him stop the car.

Is that frightened you? Don’t worry. A reflective umbrella can help you. It is well known that Chinastar is a company who has competitive strength in producing reflective material. But also, we can provide reflective promotion with customized design. Adding your unique design on the umbrella will make yourself visible and impressive.

The backing of our umbrella is made of three layers: DuPont, Teflon, Poly pongee & sun-proof black tape, which can be used in both sunny days and rainy days. When sunny, our umbrella can protect from light with PA50+; when rainy, our umbrella can enhance the visibility in low-light conditions by heat transfer reflective film. It is very practical, isn’t it? Moreover, the older are fond of the safety function of the umbrella; the younger are interested in the fashion function of it. It is suitable for all range of age.

If you have demands on promoting the function of the umbrella, why not fast action! Our reflective umbrella is worth buying definitely.

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