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Reflective clothing protect sanitation workers safe

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We often see the sanitation workers in safety vest on the road, they clean the leaves in the autumn, and sweep the snow in the winter, in order to keep the city clean and tidy, and they are busy in the streets of the city all year.

But the news like "sanitation workers were injured in an accident" has appeared repeatedly. How to protect the sanitation workers’ safety? It is a big problem. In addition to urge people not to throw garbage carelessly, hand out a good reflective vest with good reflect effect to sanitation workers is also necessary.

The most working time of sanitation workers is in the early morning or after dusk every day, but the line of sight is worst at this time, if the driver does not pay attention to observe the surrounding environment, it is easy to hit the sanitation workers with the high speed of car. So it’s necessary for sanitation workers to wear a reflective vest, the reflective tape can reflect the light and then the situation will be greatly improved. Under the irradiation of the lights, the eye-catching light will be remind the vehicle drivers to avoid sanitation workers, it become a protective barrier for the safety of sanitation workers.

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