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Reflective clothing is essential for night riding

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People are always busy to work during the day and sometimes will work overtime; so the night is the best time to take relax. Many people choose a best way to go to exercise at night, running, dancing and riding is the popular exercise way for most people. But when you do exercise at night, don’t forget to put on a reflective vest to ensure safety.

     In the bustling Los Angeles, night riding has become a good way to decompression for a lot of people, but it will be inevitably some traffic accidents. It is designed for this purpose reflective clothing with reflective tape. This unique linear reflective clothing is the most practical point of its reflective rate of up to 400%, even if the lights dim, but also allow the driver to notice you, like put on a life-saving robe for you to reduce the risk of night accidents. In addition, it’s simple design and made with simple black and white color to fashion sense and modern bursting, in the weekdays may well be a Latin American style. This reflective clothing is also very convenient to carry, folded into a compact bag; you can go out with take it easy and enjoy the night.

     Reflective fabric made of reflective clothing, to give you a safe ride with more protection. At the same time, let you enjoy the fun of riding at night.

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