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Reflective clothing gives you a pleasant and safe cycling

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Riding is a very pleasant thing, which can make people close contact with nature. But in the cold winter day, how can I riding with happy and safety?


Designers found that many riders choose outdoor reflective material jackets as winter riding clothing. The traditional Jackets and down jacket is a version of the design and perspiration function of the two fatal flaws, a great impact on riding experience. With these questions, AU designers began to create a new design riding clothing, three years later, a unique riding suit came into being, and it become the best partners for riders in the winter ride.


The overall made of three-in-one fabric, outer windproof material with reflective tape, the middle layer filled with vacuum cotton, inner heat breathable fabric. Details of the treatment, the zipper, anti-cursor, cuffs and other designs are also distinctive. In addition to functional fabrics and details of the design, it is another major feature of the casual version of the type; you can ride to work, to the office without changing clothes. You can also wear it riding to the streets, parking, leisurely into the coffee shop, do not have to entangle whether it will attract a strange look.


Features: Front, back and side

This section is the biggest feature of cycling warmth, three-in-one fabric can withstand temperatures above -15 ℃, and the outer layer of the windproof reflective fabric also has some water features, there is no pressure encountered snow weather. And there is reflective effect because of the reflective material in it.


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