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Reflective clothing for winter running

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In winter, sunrises late and sunset are earlier. So it is usually dark outside when we get off work and come back home. Therefore, runners will be likely to run in the dark in winter. As a result, winter car accidents happen more frequently than summer. A high visibility clothing become essential to the runners.
You may doubt that why a high visibility vest can play such an important role ? The thing is that the fluorescent color fabric and reflective tape of the vest will help drivers see you clearly, comparing the dark color clothing or clothing without any reflective gear. When walking on the street at night, you must have noticed that more and more runners begin to equip themselves with reflective gear, such as reflective armband or reflective snap band or reflective vests etc. And you may also notice that when the light shines on their reflective gear, it makes them much high visibility than the others without wearing any reflective gear. See this is the difference.
Doing physical exercise is a good thing. But how to keep safe is our high priority. If you think, it is very inconvenient for you to wear a safety vest with you. Then you can also heat press a reflective logo on your sports clothes or just stick a reflective tape on it. This will also help you increase the high visibility at night.

running reflective clothing

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