Reflective clothing ensure the safety of sanitation workers


Security has been a topic of concern to all of us, especially the sanitation workers, they work hard in line for our whole city environment every day, and their safety affects the hearts of the people. So, how to ensure the safety of their work?

Recently, the bus company organized the driver to send reflective vests, reflective tapes and fruits to these sanitation workers, they communicate with each other to remind the sanitation workers must pay more attention to their safety of winter work. “While working the road, remember to use a tricycle or a reflecting barrel to protect yourselves", “When there are vehicles in the road , must be observed clearly, it is best not to suddenly turn, in case the driver is not too late to react”. After the forum, all the sanitation workers are very happy to say: "thanks so much for the care of all the bus drivers; today we not only receive a reflective safety vest, but also a safety instruction.

We often ignore the hard work of sanitation workers because of our own work, now we sincerely hope that the reflective vests and reflective tapes can add a security to the sanitation workers.

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