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Reflective bag

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   Designers have combines reflective elements with our daily living things, like the reflective tape on T-shirts. It can reflect the light at night, it keeps you be seen from far away. 

   When I was young, my schoolbag is very simple, just with some colorful pattern, we thought it’s beautiful enough for ourselves, but there are much more beautiful bags in the markets now.

    Reflective school bag: producers make it by using reflective material, it is very beautiful, and unique, when students go home after school, it can keep students be seen from far away. In addition, parents also will buy the reflective pendant hang on the school bag.

   Reflective travel bag: when people are traveling, mountaineering, cycling, exploration, they take the reflective bag with reflective strips, the reflective elements will keep them been seen and keep away from dangerous.

   Reflective fabric is more and more widely used in our daily life, it is not only fashion, also keep us be seen from a distance. We can DIY it into our daily life, add it to bike, shoes, car, bag, hat, clothes.

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