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Reflective Buttons for fashion products

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 You may have heard or seen that reflective tape and stickers be used for bike decals now. The reflective stickers work great for bike frames, rims, and helmets, but they can’t stick to fabric. So the natural solution was to press the same highly reflective material into a wearable button. We see reflective buttons as a useful, stylish solution for cyclists, runners, pedestrians, and canines alike.

The buttons are stylish during the day, extremely visible at night, and they can pin to pretty much anything. The reflective buttons can be pasted on front or back of clothing; it can let you stay visibility at night. Also you can paste it on dog’s safety vest when you are walking the dog outside. Keep safe when darkness falls with this reflective safety magnetic button, you can paste it to anywhere you want.

The reflective buttons are not expensive, you can DIY by yourself. Replace your old buttons with new reflective material, it will reflect the light at night thus keeping you safer and guarantees your looks to be WOW. Why not to take a needle and add reflective buttons to your wardrobe now?

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