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Reflecting cap let the children go home safer

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Children are the hope of the family, the future of our country. Children’s safety is the focus of the whole society. To a certain extent, the traditional small yellow cup can reduce the traffic accident victims which happened on primary and middle school students, but at night it is not so obvious without reflective tape in the evening. Drivers will produce a visual blind in a long distance, unable to take any reactions in a short time and measures to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents. If that time, the children wear a cap with the reflective fabric, then its reflection can remind the driver to quickly find the child and make the corresponding response. So the emergence of a new generation of traffic safety cap for the child to set up day's security umbrella let the child safe home, so that parents can work at ease.

Traffic safety cap is a kind of small yellow cap which surface has 3M reflective materials. This reflective material has 360 degree reflection, can have a good eye-catching during the day and night. The driver can find and take attention in the 200 meters’ outside, to avoid traffic accidents which due to the lack of light. And this cap is comfortable and durable, using environmental protection cotton fabric, breathable and comfortable, to protect the health of children.

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