Rainbow Reflective Fabric for outdoor using

[ Click:2449 ]    [ by Mia, CHINASTARS  Feb 28, 2018 ]

With the improvement of our living standard, people's personal security awareness have been increased much, especially the travel safety! As we all know, the traffic accidents happen more and more frequently. So how to keep safe when we're on road? Reflective tapes have played an important role in the safety! 

A new product is the rainbow reflective fabric. This kind fabric can be 100% polyester backing or TC backing material. It looks grey in the daylight. But at night, it will reflect light when directed by car headlight. What's more, it can show rainbow color. Therefore, it is highly welcomed by Costume designer, especially for the fashion and outdoor clothing factory! Some customers use whole rainbow reflective fabric to make jacket and some only use parts of this kind fabric. Now we have also developed the heat transfer rainbow reflective film too. Most customers buy this kind reflective film to make the heat transfer rainbow reflective logo and then iron the logos on the front and back of their clothing, which combine the fashion and safety at the same time.

Chinastars focus on design, manufacturer, and research and develop all kinds reflective material which can be widely used on both PPE filed and outdoor filed. More details please click:  https://www.chinareflective.com/

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