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Police wear safety vest fight the typhoon together

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The twenty-first typhoon “Sarika” recently affected Hainan Province; it seriously affected the basic life of the people. Hainan provincial government emergency to start the National IV relief emergency response, sent a working group rushed to the disaster area, to view the disaster, to assist and guide the people to do the relief work. Armed police officers and soldiers pull up the reflective warning line in Sanya Bay; dissuade the visitors from enjoying the sea waves. And all staffs wear safety vest in order to avoid an accident.

According to the information released by the Hainan Provincial Highway Administration Bureau, affected by the typhoon "Sarika", there are 5 Hainan province roads have broken, including 3 provincial roads, 2 county roads. All broken places have pull up the reflective warning line, the road maintenance staffs wear safety reflective vest begin to work overtime for road repairing.

This typhoon "Sarika”has brought great losses to Hainan province. After the typhoon, the government will invest a lot of manpower and material resources for the reconstruction, then, there will be more staffs and volunteers wearing safety vests made by reflective fabric go to the streets to help the affected people and rebuild their homes.

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